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Die allgemein zugänglichen Zaubersprüche unseres Conveniums sind hier mal aufgelistet. Es ist alles in Englisch gehalten, zum Teil aus Gewohnheit, zum Teil, weil die Regeln ohnehin nur im Original erhältlich sind. Die wirklich mächtigen Sprüche hat noch keiner unserer Magier kopiert und der Allgemeinheit zur Verfügung gestellt, aber wir sind ja auch schon im Winter :))

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Intellego Auram - Level 10 - Sense the Distant Air
Spell Focus: Essence of an Air Elemental +3
R: 100miles/400miles D: Conc.
This spell tells you the present weather conditions of any area to which you have an arcane connection. The arcane connection can be with the place or with the person there.


Intellego Corporem - Level 25 - Secret's of the Mage Health
Spell focus: a hammer and a feather +2
R: 30miles D: Conc.
While cencentrating you recieve the physicalinformation on the target's state of health, degree of injury and age. If the target happens to die while using this spell, you fall unconscious (Stamina simple rollof 6+ ti recover). this spell requires an arcane connection to the target.

Muto Corporem - Level 20 - Shape of the hunting Felis
Spell focus: a cats eye +3
R: Touch/Near D: Sun/Inst. Req: Animal
You place a catskin over the target or yourself and change into a cat. You or the target may change back at will, ending the spell.


Rego Ignem - Level 20 - The Walking Fire
Spell focus: Essence of a Fire Elemental
R: Near/Sight D: Conc./Sun
This spell causes a bonfire or smaller sized fire to move at your unspoken command. The fire cannot move faster than a walking pace, so it can be avoided by those who see it and have space to move. If it engulfs a person, Damage is +12 for bonfires, less for smaller fires. The fire ignites flammable materials which it engulfs or travels over.


Muto Imagonem - Level 15 - Scaled Lips of Written Secrets
Spell focus: Crumpled paper +1
R: Touch/Near D: Moon/Perm.
This spell replaces the image of written text with the image of other written text. The natureof that text is left to the caster. The caster and those whom he specifically indicates during casting see the original text without change. The caster has the option of replacing the original text with complete nonsense.


Creo Terram - Level 20 - Skewer of the Petulant Fearie
Spell focus: a sliver of iron +1
R: Near/Sight, aimed +1 D: Inst. Req: Rego
This spell creates a 10 inch bolt of iron which flies toward the target like an arrow and does +8 damage. Because of the spell's iron nature, it does double damage to fearie targets (after soak).


Muto Vim - Level 15 - Gather the Essence of the Beast
Spell focus: a silver globe +3
R: Touch/Near D: Inst.

Perdo Vim - Level 15 - Disentchant
Spell focus: a Pinch of salt +1
R: Touch/Near D: Inst.
You make a magic item lose all its powers permanently if the Level of this spell can exceed the level of the highest level of the enchantments in the item. The item is utterly destroyed, as is all of the vis that was in the magic item. The object left is in all ways a mundane item.

Rego Vim - Level 35 - Aegis of the Hearth
R: Spec. D: Year Ritual




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